Fernando Livschitz From Black Sheep Films Created This Toyland Video

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: bsfilms.ar & thisiscolossal
Recently the streets of Buenos Aires were taken over by oversized wind-up toys, courtesy of Fernando Livschitz from Black Sheep Films. Livschitz's other works are mostly live action shorts with some ridiculous elements thrown in, and this video is no exception. Livschitz makes Toyland a reality with the help of a few dozen wind-up soldiers, robots and dogs.

In this clip viewers watch toy robots using crosswalks, marching down sidewalks and passing by ordinary people running daily errands. One can't help but wonder what people were thinking as the streets suddenly became overrun with these large wind-up toys. This whimsical video is guaranteed to make people smile. There's nothing like a city filled with walking toys to make adults feel like kids again.