Say Hola to Birddi, the Spanish Twitter

 - Oct 4, 2009
References: birddi & techcrunch
Birddi, the Spanish Twitter, is a not-even-vaguely disguised copy of the popular social media site. Luckily ‘copycat’ is just an expression, or Birddi would be eaten.

Let’s see…same font, same animal, same colors…Birddi creator (a term used loosely) 19-year-old Argentinian developer Martin Lio could have done something original here.

I could do better than Birddi just sitting here thinking of random stuff. You could change the animal. Maybe a cow—the next social media site: Or maybe a small yapping dog (they’re synonymous with incessant chatter): You could change the color. How about yellow? Or pink... Or any other color besides light blue. Birddi is completely uninspired.