Biproxi is a Free Listing and Transaction Service Platform

 - Mar 15, 2019
References: biproxi
Biproxi is an online service that deals with the middle-market of commercial real estate from an end-to-end perspective. It launched to deliver free listing services and provide a space for transactions using free MLS and marketing tools. The platform functions using secured seed funding with the assistance of private equity investors and real estate professionals.

Some factors that make Biproxi stand out from traditional real estate service platforms to include its free discovery and listing process aided by analytics, no subscription fees, has marketing services that have fees at 75% less than competitors, proprietary technology, and a strong market focus. The Biproxi marketplace features services for brokers, buyers, tenants, marketing, and more. Brokers are able to host their property due diligence with secure information and commercial real estate brokers are able to freely find buyers and tenants.