Billibars Help Riders Transport Their Bikes or Change Styles

 - Apr 5, 2018
References: kickstarter
In densely packed urban centers, where traffic is often so prevalent that it's part of the culture, biking is the best way to get around, and Billibars make it easier to keep one's bike amid the space restrictions of those urban apartments. The handlebar system lets riders quickly attach and detach the perpendicular grips on their bikes, reducing the overall width by 45 percent.

Bikes are long, but people usually have the space available to store them if they weren't so wide. The only part of the bike that contributes to that width is the handlebar. Billibars let riders take their handlebars out, making it way easier to store a bike inside. Not only that, but the system can include a wall mount that makes use of the loose handlebar pieces to store the bike on one's wall, further freeing up floor space.

Billibars come with four types of handlebars: drop bars, bullhorns, straight bars, and cruiser bars.