'The Bazooka' is a Big Dessert Cannoli Packed with 50 Regular Cannolis

The photo of 'The Bazooka' might allude to it being a big dessert, but the sheer magnitude of the pastry is truly out of this world. The oversized cannoli shell is packed with a whopping 50 regular sized cannolis to create one of the most delicious (albeit oversized) desserts ever.

'The Bazooka' is the work of bakers at Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney, Australia who were then asked by bloggers to be taught the ways of the big dessert at a Barilla Australia event.

The delicious dessert features a traditional cannoli design as being the main focus for the main portion. From here, several miniature cannolis were created to be fit within the dessert to create something that's ready for sharing.