Bicycle Seat Benches -  Sebastian Errazuriz Creates Funky Furniture For Fitness Freaks

 - Jun 10, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: meetsebastian & likecool
Sebastian Errazuriz has created the ultimate bicycle seat bench. This creative bench fits five, and uses discarded bike saddles for seats.

Sebastian Errazuriz is clearly an art designer who works with an experimental style.

I wouldn't think this bicycle seat bench would be that comfortable, but it may give your bum a good sculpting exercise!

Implications - Decorating homes has never been such a creative and bizarre art as it presently is. Consumers want to have homes filled with furniture that represents who they are and what they do, causing designers to take cues from the multiple aspects of a person's life. Incorporating an individual's occupation and hobbies into pieces will create objects that consumers can identify with.