The Bam City Handlebar Flexes To Reduce Pothole Impact

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: baramind-bike & gizmag
If you're an urban cyclist like me, you'll know that there are few things as annoying as enjoying a smooth ride only to ride over a pothole and feeling shockwaves resonate through your body; thankfully, French company Baramind has come up with a solution to combat that by inventing flexible bicycle handlebars that help get rid of the jarring impact of riding over a pothole.

The Bam City bar as it's called works on a similar principle to traditional shock-absorbing bars, which flex downwards to minimize bumps -- particularly in mountain bikes. However, this bar uses a composite hybrid material which is usually associated with the aeronautics industry.

The Bam City bicycle handlebar is currently the subject of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Personally, I think $44 is a cheap price to pay to be able to enjoy a smooth ride free of jarring pothole-induced wake-up calls.