The Bianca Chang Typographic Sculptures are Exquisitely Hand-Crafted

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: biancachang & thisiscolossal
Exquisite, meticulous and awe-inspiring are the words that come to mind when describing the Bianca Chang typographic sculptures. Chang is a recognized paper artist whose work requires extraordinary attention to detail and commitment.

According to This Is Colossal, she completes this extraordinary process by sequentially cutting shifting forms out of at least hundreds of sheets of paper. Once stacked, the three dimensional letter forms are born. The meticulously mastered three-dimensional letter forms are rare and original inceptions and the beauty in them lies in the apparent simplicity of the finished product despite tireless hours of work and determination a project of this nature requires.

Chang describes paper as "a material so beautifully tactile and simple yet often mindlessly discarded." Her amazing three-dimensional paper craft certainly gives this material we waste so thoughtlessly everyday greater meaning and is a creative way of sending this message.