Ending the Depression Through Amazon by Bettina Schneebeli

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: basiljs.ch
Bettina Schneebeli has recreated the words of Bernhard London’s essay with her piece titled ‘Ending the Depression through Amazon.’

Her book delves into the the economic stipulations of data and consumption. This is represented by replacing words in London’s original essay from the year 1932 with images from Amazon’s shopping catalog. With such changes, the piece is actualized and makes its theme of economic crisis solution much more powerful.

The original piece suggested that the solution to the depression would come with imposing a law that would force citizens to dispose of products after a certain amount of time. Seemingly random imagery makes a statement in Bettina Schneebeli’s piece on consumerism with products that suffer loss of value, a concept that is certainly thought-provoking and artful.