Best Buy Fearful Of People Dressed Like Its Employees

 - May 3, 2006
References: improveverywhere & adrants
Improv Everywhere is a group that specializes in the organization of publicity stunts. Their motto: "We cause scenes". Their latest event was to storm Best Buy dressed like employees.

Note the instructions from the website:

1) Blue Polo Shirt. Short sleeved. Any brand. Preferably with no logo. As Close to Royal Blue as possible. As close to this exact shirt as possible.

2) Khaki Pants. Any shade of khaki is fine. No shorts.

3) Belt. Any belt is fine.

Other Instructions:

-If possible, please wear black shoes. This is not required, but please wear them if you have them.

-You must also bring a NEWSPAPER (Any newspaper is fine--just grab a free one on the street.)

-If possible, do not bring a backpack or any type of bag. This is not a huge deal, but it will work better without bags.