UK Artist Ben Fellowes Imagines Business Saavy Living Dead

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: benfellowes & neatorama
Halloween may be over, but a zombie apocalypse can happen anytime and so Ben Fellowes has decided to prepare people for the worst through the re-imagining of 10 classic logos. If zombies did take over the world, perhaps they would be more business saavy than most people would give them credit for. If so, they would easily take over some of the more lucrative businesses out there including Starbucks, FedEx and Playboy.

A designer and illustrator born in Leeds, United Kingdoms, and based in Orange County, California, Ben Fellowes may take a creative stance on the predicted zombie attack, but anything is possible. At least in Ben Fellowes' future, the world economy is still up and running, if only in a much more macabre manner.