The Paul Marren Designs Revamp Animated TV Show Brands

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: & blog.thaeger
The Paul Marrenn animated TV show brands spin an uber-contemporary take on the classic cartoons’ looks.

By finding the perfect balance between modern minimalism and old school flair, these brand ideas are beautifully crafted. The art of design is magnificent; even though the shows have been unmistakably burned into our brains as differing and distinctive personalities, a simple logo overhaul can tweak this connection completely. Modernized for today’s hipster standards, the logos look good enough to be plastered all over the front of a rock concert shirt. Lovers of the cartoons would surely be pleased if their favorite Saturday morning shows made a comeback in such fly flashion.

Marren’s goal in transformative logo examination certainly proved a success as each image looks like a feasible label design.