Metrosexual Inspiration

 - Sep 25, 2007
References: findarticles
You can't blame David Beckham for starting the extreme male grooming trend; no, not because he's just blessed with the handsome-gene, but because you could actually blame his wife Victoria according to a new study. Everyone has seen a couple with a ridiculously good looking woman and a guy who looks sloppy or unclean, and then has likely thought, "What on earth is she doing with him?" If a woman makes the effort to get dolled up, it would make sense then he would do the same.

"It's long been said that behind every successful man is a strong woman," FindArticles says. "Certainly, that would help explain the metrosexual myth that many believe has been behind the stellar growth in men's grooming. Despite the increase in sales in recent years, many of today's men still lack the fashion sense or even just the simple drive to move beyond the bare grooming essentials they already know, like soap and shampoo. Most assuredly, behind the rise of today's metrosexual consumer is most a woman. Call her Marlena Makeover."

If a woman is going to put in the time and effort to look good, she wants her man to do the same -- out of courteousy, respect and, of course, adoration for his woman. A highly groomed man will attract a woman who values her own hygiene and appearance just as much. Like attracts like, even when it comes to mates.