Bryan Derballa Captures Post-Teen Agnst in his ‘Before We Land’

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: bryanderballa & thisispaper
Bryan Darballa is a photographer who is famous for his amazing ability to portray the distinct and sometimes troubling stages of life we all go through, and his latest ‘Before We Land’ photo series now sees Darballa’s sharp eyes capturing the uncomfortable post-teenage period where uncertainty seems to be everyone’s middle name.

In the captivating shots of part of the ‘Before We Land’ set,  the audience gets a stark and unflinching look at photos that express the wave of wild emotions that Darballa says "occurs sometime after college but before home ownership."

The wonderful thing about ‘Before We Land’ is that Darballa features photos of young adults partying, lounging and looking off into the distance with blank, lonely stares. By doing this, Darballa creates an incredibly surreal experience that looks like something in between someone’s best dream and worst nightmare.