The 'Beerjet 6' Pours Six Perfect Pints in Less Than 10 Seconds

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: beerjet & theawesomer
The 'Beerjet 6' is a modern piece of bartending equipment that will enable up to six perfect pints of beer to be poured in just 10 seconds or less. Created for concerts and stadiums, the unit works by having mugs or cups placed into the loading bay and having the dispenser tube placed into the vessel. The unit will then spring to action, pouring pints with the perfect amount of head to be served to patrons in a manner that is far faster than what any bartender is capable of.

The 'Beerjet 6' can serve up to 1,000 16 ounce glasses of beer per hour and identifies the increased focus on automation to help improve the consumer experience in event spaces.