This Beer vs Coffee Infographic Shows Effects on the Brain

 - Sep 28, 2013
References: & designtaxi
'Your Brain on Beer vs Coffee' displays the various effects these two substances have on your brain. Created by Ryoko Itawa, the infographic was inspired by an article by Michael Cho on which of the two drinks makes people more creative. The information includes the general effects, positive and negative aspects, ideal timing and concluding thoughts. Overall, it was found that beer helps generate ideas and therefore boosts creativity, where as coffee gives drinkers more energy and allows them to execute those ideas.

Beer vs coffee is an interesting concept, especially since they have opposite effects on the brain. Beer is alcoholic and a depressant on the system, where as coffee has caffeine, which stimulates it. As Itawa notes, having too much of either will slow you down or make you too jittery, so moderation is key.