This Beer Retail Display for Dos Equis is an Effective In-Store Ad

 - Mar 24, 2015
A playful visualization of the brand's double 'X' moniker, this beer retail display for Dos Equis is a vibrant way to make a mark in-store. The Mexican beer brand's dynamic color scheme combined with the curvature of the display leads for an intriguing, dizzying method of displaying the selection of Dos Equis types.

Given the curved nature of the floorstand, the shopper is invited to do walk around it, extending themselves a full view of the X-shaped display. This in itself is impressive and relevant, since busy shoppers are constantly being inundated with plenty of in-store distractions fighting for their attention.

This visually stimulating beer retail display is an out-of-the-box approach to a conventional point of purchase floorstand that was designed by Mexico City-based graphic designer Daniel Coello.