Trader Joe's Beer Bread Mix Helps You DIY Your Own Beer-infused Loaf

 - Jan 19, 2019
References: traderjoes
If you've grown tired of banana and zucchini quick breads, why not take things up a notch with Trader Joe's new Beer Bread Mix. Just as the name suggests, this clever kit makes it easy to DIY your very own lager-infused loaf at home.

Trader Joe’s Beer Bread Mix is a baking mix that requires nothing more than the addition of beer and butter. Simply add 12 ounces of the beer of your choice to the prepared mix, add the dough to a pan, douse it in melted butter, and pop it in the oven. The end result will depend on the beer you use, with lagers resulting in a lighter loaf, while stouts lead to a richer, dark bread. But no matter what, Trader Joe's promises "you'll end up with malty, buttery bread with a golden crust and tender crumb."

Image Credits: Trader Joe's.