The Beer Bike Brings Everything You Need for a Good Party

 - Sep 18, 2009
References: metrofiets & gizmodo
Ah, people will do anything to their bikes. Paint them, chop them apart, turn them into mobile homes. Now cargo bike builder Metrofiets has built the ultimate in mobile parties for Hopworks Urban Brewery, The Beer Bike.

According to Gizmodo, the Beer Bike "features 2 kegs in the cargo bin along with 25 pounds of ice—but the beer also beer runs through a 50 foot cooling coil to ensure that it reaches your glass ice cold from the tap. It also features a rack designed to hold a stack of pizza boxes and a music system along side the rear tire."

No doubt the brute of a Beer Bike weighs a lot, but you would be the coolest person ever if you showed up with one of these bad boys.

Additional Image Gredits: Hopworksfiets | Hop Works Beer