The Beefeater London Distillery is a Historic Lesson for Gin Enthusiasts

The Beefeater London distillery provides tourists and gin enthusiasts alike with a portal into the storied and delicious world of one of the world's oldest alcoholic brands (191 years old).

The Beefeater London distillery focuses heavily on tradition -- the company still maintains its home base in its founding city, London, and still uses the original recipe.

The images taken of the Beefeater London distillery showcase notable company developments like the subtle changes of its iconic bottle and logo over the years, as well as the elements and ingredients necessary to create the famous gin itself (some 40 tons of juniper berries), and the incredible and massive Beefeater gin steeper.

The Beefeater London distillery is equal parts local history lesson and tourist draw. It is open year-round.