The Bedtime Bus Roll Poster Helps Keep Kids Organized

 - Oct 16, 2013
References: etsy & fancy
Getting the kids ready for bed can sometimes get overwhelming, but thanks to the Bedtime Bus Roll poster, it’s about to get easier. It’s hard when you have a big family to get all your little troublemaking angels organized for the next day. Instead of sounding like a broken record and saying the same thing night after night, post this sign in open sight so your kids will know what to do on their own.

The list includes: eat, bath time, pyjamas, brush teeth, storytime, tuck in, kiss and cuddle and last but not least, sleeptime. This adorable poster will not only benefit your kids, but it will help you get organized too. With work on the mind and wondering what to make for dinner tomorrow, home life can be a bit too much to handle. This poster is a fun and friendly reminder to get the dirty jobs done and end the night with love and affection.