The BBC Future Timeline Looks Millions of Years into Our Future

 - Jan 19, 2014
References: bbc & mightymega
The BBC future timeline infographic is a theoretical look at the far distant future of our planet. The Timeline of the Far Future take us thousands, millions, billions, even trillions of years into our own future.

From approximating the kinds and number of natural disasters that are likely to occur (a super volcano and an asteroid strike are two potential situations brought up) to the loss of modern language ten thousand years from now, there are a whole multitude of events that could and most likely will happen.

The predicted trajectories of the sun, planets, stars, constellations and other heavenly bodies also plotted out on this BBC future timeline chart. If you want to know what the planet will probably look like several thousand years from now or what could happen to the sun in a billion years, this is the chart to read.