This Artist Added a Fun Element to the Bay Area Rapid Transit Line

 - Sep 9, 2016
References: youtube & fastcoexist
In an effort to make the experience of the Bay Area Rapid Transit line a little more enjoyable for San Francisco commuters, an artist named Hunter Franks created a swing to be installed inside of it temporarily.

Hunter Franks explained the project by saying "It's such a ripe environment for some sort of joy or fun or connection to take place, just because it's such a mundane experience and often seen as a negative thing."

In order to install the swing in the Bay Area Rabid Transit line, the artist used heavy-duty carabiners to hold it up -- making for a quick process and ensuring that it could be taken down with no problems when needed. Once the swing was put up, many commuters eagerly hopped on, resulting in a stronger sense of community due to the lighthearted shared experience.