Mark Mulroney Slaps On Batman Costumes Onto Female Adult Images

Mark Mulroney slaps on skimpy Batman costumes onto several voluptuous female images.

The suggestive Batman illustrations showcase several depictions of women from adult magazine catalogs painted on with nearly-revealing Batman get-ups -- similar to the costume designs sported around in the clubs during Halloween. Mulroney's work is mostly compromised of references to pop culture, but with a funny twist added to them. Each depiction was made with good, old-fashioned paint and required a serious amount of concentration. Fans of the Dark Knight will be very interested in seeing Mulroney's Batman depictions.

These naughty Batman illustrations will surely get the blood flowing of many Batman fans, for one reason or another. Most Batman depictions are generally PG-13, but Mulroney's Batman re-imagination is anything but that.