From Post-Punk Superhero Portraits to Split Villain Portraits

 - Mar 4, 2014
The incredible art by Butcher Billy grabs your eyes and doesn't let go as it assaults your eyeballs with bright colors and bombastic personalities that leap off the page.

An artist working in Brazil, art by Butcher Billy is known for its pop art style and fusion of contemporary characters and 80s aesthetics. Whether it's superheroes, musicians, actors, or video game characters, Butcher Billy's work taps into the Zeitgeist and transforms it into something wholly his own.

From 80s Cultural Icon Mashups to Rockstar Comic Covers, art by Butcher Billy is always visually impressive and sometimes a little nostalgic, especially if you grew up in the 80s. After looking through his incredible portfolio, it's no wonder that Butcher Billy has the incredible following of devoted fans that he does.