Bat to the Bone Gets Back to Bare Basics With Their Bat, Chef Bone and Bone Bar

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: battothebone
Promoting themselves as a company that combines "raw power" with items you would never otherwise think about, design company Bat to the Bone's Chef Bone Knife, Bat Bar and Bat to the Bonare create products that are actually taking a stripped and skeletal approach to changing up the look of even our simplest tools.

Besides looking like beautiful, bleached femurs of some gigantic, well nourished animal, Bat to the Bone's products adopt the smooth and sleek contours of our actual bone structures to make bold fashion statements with pragmatic designs.

Even fashioning a skeleton-styled bicycle bar called the Bone Bar that comes in both black and white, this visionary design company is playfully accentuating the everyday objects that we use by reinvigorating their appearances with these back to bare basics designs.