Basistka Captures Model Asia in Candid Dreamlike Depictions

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: facebook & basistka.deviantart
Viewers can attribute the magnetism of these images to the beauty of model Asia, but having browsed through the works of photographer Basistka, it’s pretty safe to say that she’s the one orchestrating all the alluring elements of each seemingly candid capture.

Basistka is a Poland-based photographer who’s mastered the art of producing cinematic, emotive, and richly narrative images while simultaneously invoking a daydream-like quality in each one of her still frames. In this series entitled ‘Asia’, named after the featured model, Basistka depicts a woman in everyday mundane scenarios. This does not mean these images are not interesting to look at however, as Asia’s vulnerability, strength and poise breath throughout the collection to illuminate a comprehensive understanding of the model. To be able to capture so many sides of a subject really speaks of Basistka’s extraordinary talent as a photographer.