Lindsay Lohan Portrays Icon Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz and Dick'

 - Nov 26, 2012
With the release of the highly anticipated biopic, it would only be appropriate to pay tribute to the iconic star herself Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz and Dick.'

Ms.Taylor, the epitomy of style and grace has always been known for her breathtaking beauty, incredible acting skill and love for exquisite taste and lavish opulence. Acknowledged as one of the best screen actresses during Hollywoods Golden Age, she embodies what so many women aspire to be like.

However, not everything was as glamorous in her personal life. Scandals, hardships and heartache all publicized for the world to see but this never deterred her from being as resilient and brilliant as the diamonds she so adored.

Add all of this together and you get Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz and Dick', who is portrayed as a woman who will remain an iconic figure until the end of time.