The Barbie Sports Illustrated Cover Celebrates an Icon

The Barbie Sports Illustrated cover is, unsurprisingly, featured on the highly anticipated Swimsuit edition. In celebration of the magazine's 50th anniversary, two versions of Mattel's beloved and eternal blonde bombshell grace the editorial: a 1959 vintage doll in a classic Chevron suit, and a limited edition Barbie in a contemporary version. The four-page spread also features a range of 17 dolls from the Barbie Basics Collection.

Sports Illustrated hails Barbie as "The Doll That Started It All," making her the perfect choice for the iconic Swimsuit issue. The featured Sports Illustrated Barbie will be available exclusively on the Target website, for a limited time only.

The spread, which has generated its fair share of controversy, was photographed by seasoned vet Walter Looss. Given the fact that both Barbie and Sports Illustrated have been criticized for the unrealistic expectations they place on women, this partnership seemed inevitable.