comecleansoap Makes Bar Soap in Varieties like Dim Sum and Donut

 - Aug 29, 2017
References: whenicomeclean
Inspired by the global foodie movement, comecleansoap launched its Foodie bar soap collection, introducing a range of savory and sweet scents.

The collection of cleansing bar soaps includes a variety of dessert-inspired products like Cake Donut and Cinnamon Bun, as well as a few unexpected options like Dim Sum, Egg, Cheeseburger and even Hot Dog. Rather than boasting the scents of fast food and Asian cuisine, Hot Dog soap is scented like sea salt, while Egg smells like amber and the Dim Sum variety is said to carry the scent of "bamboo teakwood."

Each of the Foodie soaps are made with a plant-based glycerin, virgin coconut oil and fragrant essential oils. The see-through soaps are also hand-poured and include a collectible toy inside that may be retrieved as the bar soap shrinks in size.