Bar Eduard's Offers a Range of Tradition-Breaking Seating Solutions

 - May 31, 2018
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As robust as a glass of Bulleit Bourbon and invigorating as a double shot of espresso, the interior of the Bar Eduards restaurant offers a first-class experience where the hustle and bustle of the new quarter is on perfect display. Eduard’s bar has been given a complete makeover, from the name to the logo through to the space concept. The design interprets a historical epoch in a charming way and turns an elegant copper bar counter into a space-shaping element.

From the outside, the bar is unrecognizable: the modern, solid copper bar is located right at the entrance. At night, reflections of light create a one-of-kind ambiance that invites people to come in. Eduards is characterized by its five-meter-high space, which is highlighted by the copper ceiling installation with prominent bulbs.

On an inside area and another area outside, Eduards offers a variety of seating options: stools at the bar, vintage armchairs, sofas and a lounge. Next to the bar, people can sit on the same side as the barkeeper. Bar Eduard’s loves tradition and in the next moment, breaks with it. The little space conquers the hearts of people with its vibrant atmosphere.