Mark Szulyovszky's Band Posters Illustrate the Names of Famous Groups

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: tumblr.bandopoly & designtaxi
These band posters by Mark Szulyovszky take the names of iconic bands and turn them into graphics. Some of the band names might be a little challenging to figure out, so Szulyovszky has provided a hint on the top of the posters that provides the first and last letter of the band’s name. When you’re really stumped or want to verify the answer to the visual puzzle, it can be found upside down at the bottom of the poster.

The ‘Bandopoly’ series features bands like ‘Blur,’ ‘Coldplay’ and ‘Pearl Jam.’ These are just a few of the band name graphics that Szulyovszky has created. More of them can be found on Bandopoly’s Tumblr account and if this project gets enough likes, it will be turned into a playable game as an app for phones.