Baker's Dozen Eggs Packaging is Best Satisfies the Generous Cook

The consumer will rarely be the recipient of extra goods unless he's buying into a company's clever economic scheme, but Baker's Dozen Eggs packaging appeals on a different level. The unusually-shaped carton of eggs has been reorganized and expanded to fit 13 shells instead of the usual 12.

The increase is a sweet idea that references the concept of a fixed quantity, one dozen, and the notion of a baker's dozen, which includes one more of such goods. The chicken's yield is a particularly relevant product, as it's one of the staple ingredients in any pastry chef's or cake maker's pantry.

To hold the eggs, Beach Packaging Design's Randy Ludacer established a hexagonal arrangement of the paper eggcups for a much more snug fit. (13aker's) Baker's Dozen Eggs packaging promises an extra shell in every box, seemingly in the bountiful spirit of the chef.