Listerine's Bad Breath Ads Depict People's Mouths as Crime Scenes

 - Apr 27, 2013
References: listerine & adsoftheworld
These bad breath ads for Listerine by Below depict people's mouths as sealed off crime scenes.

The clever print ads include the writing "no one needs to know" and includes an image of food that is notorious for causing bad breath. In the case of these ads, the foods are fish and garlic.

The bad breath ads point out that after eating these foods your breath becomes so bad it is considered a crime scene. If one uses the Listerine Pocketpaks they can keep such covered up with the help of the fresh smelling and germ fighting power of the product. The powerful imagery of all this is enough to get the target of this ad self-conscious of their own breath and likely wanting to remedy it.