The Unusual Flavoring of Bacon Jello Requires an Acquired Taste

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: instructables & designtaxi
Bacon Jello might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an alternative to the crispy fried pork strips, but it could possibly be the most efficient if there is a bacon shortage.

With all those snazzy recipes such as bacon flavored beer floats, candy canes or s’more sandwiches, is it really all that unusual to think of bacon in a jiggling gelatinous form? Perhaps it is the fact that this slab of Jello actually looks like pork. The Bacon Jello recipe is by Canida and uses fried strips of pork meat and then blends it with milk and gelatin. Those who don’t have a strong adoration for bacon might be a bit hesitant to try this one.