Awesome Memes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

If you have ever seen a funny picture, you know how much funnier the picture is when someone creates a caption to put on the picture. Thus the creative idea behind the development of "memes". People have been sharing memes for almost as long as they have been sharing text messages. And when you check out these popular memes, you will understand why - especially since these awesome memes totally ROCK!!! If you haven't made your own meme yet, now is the time. They are a GREAT way to share pictures with others, and also a great way to market your product by putting your URL at the bottom of the meme. Regardless of your position, you definitely will want to check out these awesome memes!

Implications - Memes tend to go viral rather quickly. A business can attach their URL to the bottom of a meme, and when the meme is shared, so is the URL for that business. A very inexpensive, and effective way to market a business.