This Company is Building an Automated Recycling System

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: amprobotics & fastcoexist
'AMP Robotics' is in the process of building an automated recycling plant that would remove the need for human labor. Currently, recycling plants employ workers to stand around a convey and pick out non-recyclable items. This task is not only dangerous and unpleasant, but it is also costly.

AMP Robotics aims to put an end to manual labor in recycling plants. To solve this issue, the company has designed two robot systems that would automate the recycling process. The first is a 'cartesian-type,' which is designed to move along an overhead gantry. The second is a 'spider-type,' which consists of a multi-pronged arm. Both of these devices can be used to sort through waste and distinguish those items that cannot be recycled.

While the automated recycling system is still in the process of production, the technology could be used to make recycling more efficient and less costly.