Volkswagen's Auto Marketing Stunt Curbs Speeding with Child Drawings

Just in time for Mother's Day this year, Volkswagen released an auto marketing stunt called the 'Reduce Speed Dial.' This special speedometer is designed to prevent speeding by causing people to think about the implications their actions could have on others.

With the help of Volkswagen, ordinary speedometers were swapped out for custom ones that were designed by kids on an app. This included everything from hand-written numbers to cute, colorful doodles that provided special reminders at the center of the dial.

In order to change a person's behavior at a point when it is most critical on the road, the heartfelt messages help to remind people of the loved ones that matter most in their lives. Since cars are so often judged by their ability to go fast, this is a sound reminder that there are things far more important in life.