This Dessert Commemorates Australia Day with Vegemite and Fish Decoration

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: facebook & foodiggity
Bakery Cakes by Colleen recently put together a dessert that commemorates Australia Day with a grandiose tiered cake with each level paying tribute to popular foods and activities that the nation is known for. The cake features edible decorations of items such as Vegemite, barbecue shrimp and the Australian flag to capture the cultural essence of the country.

The cake features four incredibly large layers and each has its own design that replicates a different well-known fact about the nation. The first layer is an edible barbecue covered in cooked shrimp and the Australian flag. The second layer is a replica tub of Vegemite followed by a meat pie. A lamington traditional chocolate desserts sits up at the top. The cake creatively plays up traditional Australian stereotypes in celebration of the nation's special day.