Bjork is Audiocoins to Those Who Buy Her New Album

 - Nov 8, 2017
From 3D printing to immersive 360-degree virtual reality music videos, Björk is an artist who makes the most of the cutting-edge technologies available with each new album release -- now she is collaborating with Blockpool to offer Audiocoins to those who purchase 'Utopia.'

Those who purchase Björk's newest album, Utopia, have the chance to receive an e-wallet and 100 Audiocoins. Audiocoin is a cryptocurrency that has been specifically designed for music lovers, which can be exchanged for various currencies or another type of cryptocurrency.

As the incentive is designed to appeal to the average Björk fan, rather than a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Blockpool promises that the "technology enables users to have a non-technical window into the world of blockchain." Since getting into cryptocurrency generally requires the purchase of Bitcoin, this incentive from Björk and Blockpool offers a way for younger demographics to explore the world of cryptocurrency without making a large investment.