The Audible Color Project By Hideaki Matsui & Momo Miyazaki is Fascinating

 - Jul 22, 2012
References: yankodesign
Mixing primary colors now doubles as creating musical scores with the Audible Color Project by Hideaki Matsui & Momo Miyazaki.

According to Yanko Design: "The system of audible color is based on a marriage between basic color and music theories." It is now entirely possible to generate sounds using primary colors with this audio-visual tool. Using a webcam to detect each shade, the corresponding musical notes are then played accordingly.

Each primary color plays a different note, and the technology even allows for mixing to make entirely different musical sounds. In addition, the sizes of the colors influence the volume and frequency.

It is quite exciting to think that the ability to paint on a canvas and have it simultaneously become a symphonic piece of art will soon be possible thanks to Matsui & Miyazaki.