Bank to Woo Customers with ATM Roulette

 - Aug 30, 2006   Updated: Jun 21 2011
That's right! A Japanese bank has introduced gambling to its ATM machines. Take out some Yen, and when you are finished transferring funds or withdrawing, decide how much money you'd like to chance.

This controversial / awesome service is being offered by Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, whose spokesman described, "Using ATMs is impersonal and lacks communication... We wanted to add some fun."

And they certainly did!

Implications - The ATM roulette is an example of a corporation improving upon customer experience by implementing more intuitive and personable interaction. Consumers want to feel their use of a product or service is meaningful and worthwhile, and by engaging users, consumers feel corporations are thinking of them during the design of the product. Corporations looking to evoke positive user reactions can accomplish this by incorporating more interactive elements into their wares.