- Sep 18, 2008
ATM Gambling Machines? Green Banks? Why are we writing an innovative cluster for the Bank of America?  News of a troubled banking system may be frustrating for AIG, Lehman Brothers, Morgon Stanley and Wachovia, but Bank of America has been using this as an opportunity to get bigger.

Accordingly, instead of dwelling on depressing banking stories, this cluster aims to examine some of the more innovative banking approaches being used today.  If Bank of America managed to innovate their way to stability, then maybe ideas like this will help the banking system to innovate to even more stability.

The articles highlight some of the most fascinating innovations in banking, from high tech ATMs to personal piggy banks.

While some of these features are more lighthearted and fun, others, such as the green e3 bank, hint at the future of how the banking business will be conducted in general. 

The credit card innovations, for example, are strong indicators of what society values today. Environmental awareness can be seen by green credit cars, and activism through those intended for third world loans, but most evident is a need for something unique and beautiful, judging by all the aesthetically optimized credit cards.

ATM Gambling, Green Banks and Bank of America: