SmileDirectClub Created Special At-Home Orthodontic Kits with Macy's

In partnership with SmileDirectClub, Macy's is now offering a never-before-seen product in the form of a doctor-directed at-home orthodontic kit.

While SmileDirectClub has previously favored a direct-to-consumer model, it is now making orthodontics extremely affordable and highly accessible to the average consumer through a mass retailer. In the same way that consumers visit a pharmacy to find at-home whitening products, they will now be able to easily access smile kits for straighter, brighter teeth.

The new smile kits includes small, medium and large sizing trays, so that making a custom impression is an easy, comfortable process—SmileDirectClub notes that the unused trays may simply be recycled. Once a customer's smile kit has been registered online via, SmileDirectClub will create a custom smile plan with a dentist or orthodontist licensed in one's state, as well as overnight items such as putty for making the dental impressions.