Atelier Vens Vanbelle Built a Quaint Yet Modern Family Home in Belgium

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: archdaily
Yellow brick is a traditional building material common to sleepy countryside homes, but Atelier Vens Vanbelle repurposed the material to be more in line with modern home architecture. The new home, which was built for a young family in the town of Haaltert, Belgium, is clad with yellow brick around the upper section of its interior, but it also makes use of wraparound glass windows on the lower storey, elegantly combining quaintness with modernity.

Another of the more striking aspects of Atelier Vens Vanbelle's design is the mirror cladding that surrounds the very top of the home. That mirror reflects the sky, creating an interesting optical illusion that causes the top segment of the home to appear to blend into the sky. The yellow bricks, thus inserted between windows and mirrors, reminds one of a drawing of the sun in children's artwork.