Artist Tom Banwell Creates Sci-Fi Face Armor

Artist Tom Banwell specializes in a variety of different works of art, but his most cogent and effective speciality is a collection of science fiction influenced steampunk gas masks that seem more at home in a William Gibson or Ray Bradbury novel than on someone's face.

As an artist, Tom Banwell's creations are entirely original, and feature deft workmanship and dedication. Each of his masks are wearable, and fashionable. One suspects his penchant for creating such memorable steampunk gas masks is that the sci-fi headgear manages to blend Tom's biggest interests: history, costumes, and fantasy.

I'm not one for freakish masks, but Tom Banwell's craftsmanship has me considering a trip into another realm. Look through our gallery to see some of the highlights from his workbook.

Implications - In the last few years, Hollywood has placed an increased focus on properties that are either video game, comic book, or animation related. This is because this properties arrive with a ready-made fanbase. A company would be wise to partner with another brand that has "cult" or obsessive fans. This increases the brand's chances of creating a lasting connection with a consumer based on a short-term co-branded product.