Artist Jon Jaylo Twists Reality and Creates and Unfamiliar World

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: & sweet-station
Artist Jon Jaylo makes you feel like you're still dreaming. His art work captures the essence of living in a world where "bizarre" doesn't exist because everything, in essence, is sort of strange. Jaylo's work is inspired by poetry, and like poetry, his work is up to the readers to interpret.

Colors used are bold, which further exemplifies Jaylo's out-of-this-world theme reminiscent of fairy tales. Jaylo's art depicts a whole new world in a different universe. The visuals in his work illustrate normality with a twist; one example of this is a man riding on a giant fish that's wearing a hat. Take a look through artist Jon Jaylo's work and step into a world you've never visited before.