Artist Christopher David White Creates Surreal Illusions

Artist Christopher David White has created a series of sculptures that appear to be sculpted from lumber but are actually made of clay.

These ceramics mimic the decay and cracks that are usually found in old pieces of lumber. He manipulates clay to look like distorted, haunting artifacts; the authenticity and emotion in the sculptures are truly evocative. White takes inspiration from nature and things we see every day such as, crumbling brick, rusting metal and rotting wood.

White’s work is more of a homage to the cycle of life and death shown through nature. In response to his series, White says, "Change is a constant reminder that permanence is the ultimate illusion. It is through the creation of hyper-realistic sculpture that I explore the relationship between nature, man and the phenomenon of impermanence…By combining both man-made and natural elements within my work I hope to highlight the fact that we are not separate from nature but are, in fact, part of it."