The Art of Besting Cancer Combined Art and Science

 - Feb 4, 2019
Portraits of cancer cells, 3D projections of tumors, video art of immune system fighting melanoma and specimen jar mosaics were some of the experiences available at ‘The Art of Besting Cancer,’ an innovative exhibition, that turned oncology into art. This is an intriguing event, combined science and medicine with classic and digital art, creating something new.

Treating cancer, oncologists often deal with professional loneliness, loss and grief, but their point of view is seldom noticed or expressed. Pharmaceutical company MSD Israel wished to empower the oncologists in a unique way, to highlight their everyday work in a different light. Hooligans agency based in Tel Aviv intervened and turned their work into art.

Authentic clinical materials were curated and artistically twisted into ‘The Art of Besting Cancer,‘ a first of its kind exhibition, that tells the story of cancer treatment from the caregivers’ perspective.