Giovani Flores's Milkö Brand Identity Boasts Vivid Patterns and Motifs

This pop art milk packaging was conceived by student designer Giovani Flores. The designer's 'Milkö' brand identity consists of vintage-themed glass bottles that are adorned with unexpected and vibrant motifs. Whether adorned with dotted prints or organic stripes, these bottles are both eye-catching and fun.

Color-coded according to flavor, each of these pop art milk bottles boasts a different pattern. Fictional brand Milkö's flavors range from traditional to chocolate along with many more -- each featuring a bolder motif than the last.

Fusing vivid patterns with a whimsical typeface, designer Giovani Flores creates a memorable brand identity for a typography class at Bauru's UNESP design school in Brazil. The end result is playful, drawing the attention of youthful and design-conscious demographics.